List of Posters Presentations

P-1 A. Biedunkiewicz, P. Figiel, U. Gabriel, W. Biedunkiewicz, D. Grzesiak
Oxidation process of the steel/nc-TiC nanocomposites: Kinetic analysis method

P-2 A. Biedunkiewicz, U. Gabriel, P. Figiel, M. Sabara
Kinetic analysis of NH4VO3 thermal decomposition in dry air

P-3 J. Kutwicka, A. Migdał-Mikuli, E. Szostak
Phase transition and molecular motions in [Cu(OS(CH3)2)6](ClO4)2 studied by differential scanning calorimetry and infrared spectroscopy

P-4 M. Iwan, R. Łyszczek
Thermal stability of α-tocopherol

P-5 Z. Rzączyńska, J. Sienkiewicz-Gromiuk, H. Głuchowska
Thermal investigations of Cr(III), Mn(II), Fe(III) and Co(II) complexes with folic acid

P-6 Z. Rzączyńska, I. Rusinek, A. Kula
Thermal stability of lanthanide(III) complexes with 1,4-phenylenediacetic acid

P-7 Z. Rzączyńska, J. Sienkiewicz-Gromiuk, I. Rusinek
Spectroscopic studies of 1,4-phenylenediacetate of sodium and lanthanide(III)

P-8 D. F. Parra, P. L. Forster, A. Ostasz, R. Łyszczek, Z. Rzączyńska
Evolved gas analysis of poly-β-hydroxybutyrate (PHB) doped with [Eu(tta)3(H2O)2]

P-9 R. Łyszczek
Thermal investigations of heavy lanthanide dinicotinates obtained under mild conbditions

P-10 A. Lipke, M. Makarska-Białokoz, M. Majdan
Physico-chemical processes proceeding in silica gels doped with porphyrin systems

P-11 D. Zimmerman, M. Zienkiewicz-Strzałka, E. Olszewska, S. Pikus
SAXS, nitrogen adsorption and IR study of mesoporous ordered organosilicas containing Zr and Ti

P-12 J. Skubiszewska-Zieba, B. Charmas, R. Leboda, V. Tertykh, V. Janishpolski
Complex investigation of structural and thermal properties of silica-titania adsorbents

P-13 A. Tóth, K. Voitko, O. Bakalinska, B. Palyanytsya, T. Kulik, I. Bertóti, K. László
Temperature programmed desorption of functionalised multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs)

P-14 A. Czyżewski, J. Przepiórski, B. Grzmil
MgO/CaO-loaded carbon materials prepared by thermal decomposition of dolomite/PET mixtures and their application for CO2 sorption

P-15 K. Michalak, D. Pietras-Ożga, Z. Fekner, M. Barczak
Thermogravimetric studies of carbon fibers

P-16 M. Sobiesiak, B. Gawdzik, A. M. Puziy, O. I. Poddubnaya
Thermal properties of nanoporous carbons obtained using template method from different polymeric and organic precursors

P-17 E. Robens, S. A. A, Jayaweera, A. Dąbrowski
The limits of weighing

P-18 E. Robens, S. A. A, Jayaweera
Porous materials – Short early history

P-19 E. Robens, J. Adolps, A. Bischoff, J. Goworek, V. V. Kutarov, E. Mendyk, A. Schreiber, K. Skrzypiec
Investigation of surface properties of lunar soils

P-20 P. Podkościelny, K. Nieszporek, T. Banach
Theoretical studies of phenols adsorption from aqueous solutions on activated carbons and activated carbon fibers

P-21 K. Nieszporek, T. Banach, P. Podkościelny, M. Drach
The application of NRTL activity coefficient model to describe adsorption of gases on energetically heterogenous solid surfaces

P-22 M. Drach, J. Narkiewicz-Michałek, K. Nieszporek, T. Banach
Solubilization in SDS micelles. Molecular dynamics study

P-23 M. Wisniewska, S. Chibowski, T. Urban
Stability properties of the alumina suspension in the presence of nonionic polymers

P-24 M. Wisniewska, S. Chibowski, T. Urban
The temperature influence on structure of electrical double layer of silica with adsorbed polyacrylamide

P-25 M. Wisniewska, S. Chibowski, T. Urban, D. Sternik
Adsorption and thermal properties of silica – polyvinyl acohol system

P-26 J. Saba, D. Sieńko, J. Nieszporek, D. Gugała-Fekner
Adsorption isotherms of tertbutanol in 2 M, 3 M, and 4 M NaClO4 as the supporting electrolyte

P-27 D. Sieńko, J. Saba, D. Gugała-Fekner, J. Nieszporek
Influence of tetramethylthiourea on the electrosorption of 1-decanesulfonic acid anion in the dependence on the base electrolyte concentration

P-28 A. Książek, A. Sobieszek, E. Mendyk
Correlation between the surface energies of solids and their corresponding physical properties

P-29 A. Sobieszek, A. Książek, E. Mendyk
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy – Applications and possibilities

P-30 W. Janusz, E. Skwarek
Adsorption of citrate ions in the hydroxyapatite/aqueous electrolyte solution system

P-31 D. Sternik, M. Majdan, M. Bujacka, A. Deryło-Marczewska, V. V. Gun’ko
Influence of surface concentration of surfactants on thermal properties and total heterogeneity of selected clays

P-32 Y. Bolbukh, V. Tertykh, P. Klonos, P. Pissis
DSC-study of polyxydroxyethylmethacrylate filled with modified silicas

P-33 A. Kultys, M. Rogulska, B. Tarasiuk
Studies on thermal behavior of new biphenyl-derivative polyurethanes

P-34 A. Kultys, M. Rogulska, J. Nowak, A. Puszka
TGA-FTIR study of thermoplastic segmented polyurethanes derived from 4,4’-diphenylmethane diisocyanate and 3,3’-[methylenebis(1,4-phenylenemethylenethio)]dipropan-1-ol

P-35 A. Kultys, A. Puszka, M. Rogulska
The effect of diol components on thermal properties of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers derived from isophorone diisocyanate

P-36 M. Maciejewska, J. Osypiuk-Tomasik, B. Gawdzik
DSC study of chitosan based hydrogels

P-37 M. Maciejewska, J. Osypiuk-Tomasik, B. Podkościelna, Y. Bolbukh, B. Gawdzik
Synthesis and thermal properties of highly crosslinked nanocomposites based on 1-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone

P-38 B. Podkościelna, B. Gawdzik
Thermal stabilities and degradation behaviours of photo-initiated compositions

P-39 B. Podkościelna, M. Maciejewska, A. Bartnicki, B. Gawdzik, Y. Bolbukh
Synthesis and physicochemical properties of the new glycidyl methacrylate terpolymers

P-40 M. Stoia, P. Barvinschi, L. Barbu-Tudoran, M. Barbu, M. Stefanescu
Synthesis of nanocrystalline nickel ferrite by thermal decomposition of some organic precursors

P-41 E. Drożdż-Cieśla, J. Wyrwa, M. Rękas
Structural, microstructural, thermal and electrical properties Ni/YSZ cermet materials

P-42 M. Radecka, A. Kusior, A. Trenczek- Zając, B. Łysoń, K. Zakrzewska
Nanocrystalline TiO2/SnO2 composites for gas sensors

P-43 E. Kowalska, E. Czerwosz, A. Kaminska, M. Kozłowski
Investigation of Pd content in C-Pd films for hydrogen sensor application

P-44 A. Jabłońska-Wawrzycka, M. Zienkiewicz, M. Hodorowicz, B. Barszcz, P. Rogala
Thermal behavior of Mn(II) complexes with pyridine-2,3-dicarboxylic acid. Correlation between obtained data and crystal structure

P-45 B. Barszcz, J. Masternak, M. Hodorowicz, A. Jabłońska-Wawrzycka
Cadmium(II), copper(II) and calcium(II) complexes with N,O-bidentate ligands derived from pyrazinecarboxylic acid. Thermal and crystal structure correlation

P-46 J. Masternak, M. Ściegienna, W. Sawka-Dobrowolska, B. Barszcz
Synthesis, X-ray structure, spectroscopic and thermal properties of new cadmium(II) tetradentate amine complex

P-47 A. Adach, K. Pietura, E. Pietura, M. Daszkiewicz
Synthesis, spectroscopic and thermal investigation Co(II) and Co(III) complexes, obtained from the redox processes using zerovalent cobalt as a substrate

P-48 N. Ivashchenko, V. Tertykh, V. Yanishpolskii, J. Subiszewska-Zięba, R. Leboda
Application of silane-modified silicas for regulation of palladium nanoparticles size

P-49 V. Sydorchuk, O. Makota, S. Khalameida, J. Skubiszewska-Zieba, R. Leboda, V. Zazhigalov
Physical-chemical and catalytic properties of deposited MoO3 and V2O5

P-50 S. Khalameida, V. Sydorchuk, R. Leboda, J. Skubiszewska-Zieba, V. Zazhigalov
Physical-chemical transformations in the system V2O5-(NH4)2Mo2O7 under hydrothermal conditions

P-51 J. Skubiszewska-Zieba, B. Charmas, R. Leboda, V. M. Gun’ko
Preparation of granulated carbon-mineral adsorbents on the basis of dusty bleaching soils used for fruit juice clarification. Adsorption and thermal properties

P-52 M. Jabłoński, V. M. Gun’ko, A. P. Golovan, R. Leboda, J. Skibiszewska-Zięba, V. V. Tutov, R. Pluta
Effect of Alzheimer disease on bone tissue hydration

P-53 V. Sydorchuk, W. Janusz, S. Khalameida, E. Skwarek, J. Skubiszewska-Zieba, R. Leboda, V. Zazhigalov
Synthesis, structure and some properties of compositions zirconium phosphate/oxide support

P-54 B. Cristóvao, B. Mirosław
A trinuclear 3d-4f Schiff base complex – crystal structure, spectral and thermal pioperties

P-55 B. Cristóvao, W. Ferenc
N,N’-propylene-bis(5-bromo-3-methoxysalicylideneimine) mononuclear (4f) complexes: Synthesis, spectral, thermal and magnetic properties

P-56 R. Łyszczek, A. Ostasz, M. Iwan
Synthesis, thermal and sorption characterization of Basolite C-300 and copper(II) benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxylates

P-57 A. Kula, Z. Rzączyńska, R. Łyszczek, A. Ciechańska, N. Korczak, K. Szymczyk
Synthesis, thermal and spectral properties of lanthanide(III) complexes with 1,4-naphthalenedicarboxylic acid

P-58 A. Ostasz, J. Sienkiewicz-Gromiuk, I. Rusinek, Z. Rzączyńska
Some properties of choosen lanthanide complexes with 1,2,3,4,5,6-benzenehexacarboxylic (mellitic) acid

P-59 A. Deryło-Marczewska, A. Słota, A. W. Marczewski, K. Łapińska, K. Mączka
Studies of kinetics of protein adsorption on mesoporous silica materials

P-60 W. Buda, A. Kierys, R. Zaleski, M. Dziadosz, J. Goworek
Structural characterization of novel TiO2/polymer composite

P-61 D. Sternik, A. Deryło-Marczewska, G. Żukociński, I. Ya. Sulym, V. V. Gun’ko, M. V. Borysenko
Characterization of SiO2/PDMS and ZrO2/SiO2/PDMS hybrid materials using AFM method, Raman spectroscopy and thermal analysis

P-62 A. Deryło-Marczewska, D. Sternik, G. Żukociński
Thermal analysis of carbon adsorbed PAH

P-63 P. Staszczuk, D. Sternik, H. Skrzypek, D. Zimmerman
Physicochemical properties of chosen nanocomposite materials

P-64 P. Staszczuk, M. Rycyk, L. Kwietniewski
Adsorption and porosity properties of modified carbon nanotube surfaces by means of the thermogravimetry Q-TG and sorptometry techniques

P-65 P. Staszczuk, P. Adamek, P. Czerwieniec, J. Jamroz
Physicochemical properties of starch materials

P-66 Z. Rzączyńska, A. Danczowska-Burdon
Thermal and spectroscopic properties of light lanthanides(III) and sodium complexes with 2,4-pyridinedicarboxylate anion

P-67 W. Janusz, D. Sternik, E. Skwarek
Thermal decomposition of yttrium citrates prepared in different method

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